Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Can't Even Tell You...

This picture of Pepper and a Goonies T-shirt has nothing to do with this post, other than the blatant pop culture reference. And of course its adorable!

...How thrilled I am that the new television season has FINALLY started!!!! Tonight, as a matter of fact, with the premiere of Survivor: Nicaragua. I don't even really like Survivor, but I have missed new TV so much this summer that I'm actually sitting here watching it like its the best show I've ever seen. (I do, however, think this show has kinda fallen apart in recent years - a Medallion of Power? seriously? Jimmy Johnson? seriously?). Its no secret that I'm kind of a pop culture junkie, and as much as I enjoyed summer evenings puttering around in my yard and catching up on good reads over the last few months, I've also been BORED TO TEARS in recent weeks with only Wipeout and Bachelor Pad to choose from. So, let the celebrating begin!!! Fall TV 2010 is here!!
In the coming weeks I will be keeping my eyes on the following new shows:
Hawaii Five-0 (Alex O'Laughlin anyone??)
Nikita (Oh Alias, how I miss you!)
The Event (hopefully, it will be the new Lost - if its not, I'll probably be in mourning all year)
Outsourced (it just looks hilarious)
Raising Hope (also looks hilarious, in a Knocked Up sort of way)
Running Wilde (possibly awful, but also possibly great!)
My Generation (the music, really, just the music)

Returning favorites include:
Brothers and Sisters
Modern Family/The Middle/Cougar Town
Dancing with the Stars
I have openings on Thursdays and Saturdays, if anyone has any suggestions!