Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Ah, the last day of October. My blog posting has been pretty pitiful this month, so I thought I'd make one last effort to get something in before November. I do indeed have a jack-o-lantern for my front stoop that will be making its appearance this evening for the trick-or-treaters, and I did indeed take a picture of it last night to post, but alas once again blogspot is giving me problems with my photos. So, check back later for a look at Jack.

I'm honestly not sure what the turnout will be for trick-or-treating in my new neighborhood. I see lots of kids around, but I'm kind of on the fringe and so far my neighborhood has not been overly neighborly. But, I am prepared with several bags of candy to hand out, should the hoards show up!

So, that's Halloween '09 for me this year! Next year, my goal is to do something that involves a costume - I miss costumes! Which reminds me - Miss Bess, you need to FIX YOUR COMPUTER so that you can post some pics from that annual Halloween shindig!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green

Bailey and Pepper take a break from the all-family painting marathon last weekend.

So, after an extended hiatus from this blog, during which time I was madly installing a new exhibit at the museum and attempting to get something - anything! - done in the house, I'm back with a little progress report. After literally three weeks of short bursts of painting, my living room walls are now officially covered in two coats of Enchanted Forest green, and I'm totally in love with the final result! My parents were in town last weekend to attend my exhibit opening, and while they were here they also installed my new bamboo blinds and and wrought iron drapery rods. I still have to hang the curtains, but its on my list for later on this weekend. Anyway, it feels so incredibly good to get something DONE! I was so inspired that I decided to forego a nap after the parents left to unpack some of my books and arrange them by color on my bookcase. Its an arrangement I saw in a magazine once upon a time and thought was very cool. I'm kinda loving the effect, but I think I need more books!

So, next on the list is to procure a pumpkin and get it carved this evening. My front stoop looks very naked right now and definitely needs some fall-ish decoration!

Friday, October 2, 2009

If I Don't Go Crazy...

Image Courtesy of - because my camera phone takes bad pictures.

Took a brief and much-needed break from all the craziness at the new house and at work yesterday to go to the U2 concert last night. It was my first U2 concert and it was pretty awesome! We had good seats and had a pretty nice view of the bizarre "360" stage that U2 is using for this tour. G says it looks like an octopus, I immediately compared it to a Flintstones dinosaur. I heart U2!
Now I have to mow my lawn. Ugh.