Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The 10th Tree

The finished tree! I also managed to finish that tree skirt...
A paper village that I used to put together every year as a kid - my parents handed over to me this year!

As I was putting the last ornament on my tree this weekend, it suddenly occurred to me that this year marks the 10th time I've had my own Christmas tree in my own place. Yep, its been a whole decade since I dragged my grandmother's ancient artificial tree up all those stairs to my grad school apartment and decorated it with a grand total of 3 ornaments and a homemade paper garland. That kind of amazes me. Now, when I unpack all of the ornaments I've accumulated over that decade, I can remember each story and each occasion that goes with them - the tiny mittens that an old boss gave me, the glass candies acquired the day my cousin and I went shopping for my bridesmaid dress for her wedding, the miniature Congress Hall which was the hotel my grandmother worked at during the Depression. I love the process of decorating almost as much as the final product!

So, I think Christmas Tree 2011 is a suitable 10th Anniversary tree, too! Good shape, great smell, lots of good ornament-hanging branches... and lots of memories.